Let’s Talk “Wellness

I am ANTI quick-fix and PRO set yourself up for lifelong health. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. That is what we do here. Realistic, sustainable, achievable, and systematic practices that create lifelong health. You in?

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Hi! I’m Sarah Johnston

I love breaking the barriers of the wellness space, connecting with fellow humans, and chatting about all things that make life interesting. I like to live transparently because life is too short not too. I REALLY like the taboo stuff, the stuff that seems “off limits”, and anything that furthers the conversation around what it means to be well.

I offer a range of services to help you live to your fullest and embrace the unique journey you are on. We create systems, goals, and methods that help you as the INDIVIDUAL find success.

I have been featured in publications like Canvas Rebel and Voyage Phoenix and you can typically find me discussing all things life over on social and my podcast.

I live in Phoenix (yes, it gets hot here) with my husband Duke, my son Ronan, and my quirky dog Tori.

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